This page is API documentation for accessing this site programatically. If you would like an API token to create jokes directly, please contact me at

Requesting an API token does not guarantee that I will give you one.

Excuse API Documentation

Successful API Queries

id: The id of the excuse in the database.

excuse: The content of the excuse. Max length is 1024 characters.

Unsuccesful API Queries

data: Any extra data that the error generated.

error: The type of error that occurred.

message: An explanation of why the error occurred.

Retrieving a excuse


Request method: GET

Retrieves the excuse with the excuse_id specified and returns in to the requestor.

Endpoint limits: 15 requests per minute.

Retrieving a Random excuse


Request method: GET

Retrieves a random excuse from the database.

Endpoint limits: 15 requests per minute.

Retrieving a Page of excuses


Request method: GET

Retrieves 20 excuses from the db. The page number passed in will determine which page will be returned. Entries are returned in a JSON list.

Endpoint limits: 5 requests per minute.

Restricted Access Endpoints.

Creating a excuse


Request method: POST

Creates a excuse with the content provided. The data MUST be passed in a form to the endpoint.

The form MUST have a content field (containing the excuse). Content longer than 1024 characters will be truncated.

Endpoint limits: This endpoint requires a valid XAuthToken header to be passed along with the request.